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First flash Ever! ~~

2010-03-02 11:34:13 by Sp4ce

Hey people!

Finally made my first flash, in contradiction with my profile comment ^^

Spent almost 12 hours for a... moderate result.
However, I implied myself a lot in that project, trying to improve my very low drawing skills.

Hope you like it : Mélancholie (Melancholy)


Cleaning Time! ==> Graduation :)

2010-01-10 19:20:34 by Sp4ce


Fresh Newground Page!
I managed to finally update my infos on NG along with my user icon and my profile pic.
Both were done by myself, just wanted something simple, and i did those with my SUPER NEWLY GRADUATED INFOGRAPHIST SKILLZ!!!1!!eleven!one!
Party time, w00t!

Also, i'm about to make a cleanup of my hard drives and to load it up back with a working Flash cs4, soooooo I may finish up my profile banner and maybe start creating some flash muvees or games !!! (Please, make my dreams come true, Oh! Dear Flash God!)

Sooo, maybe to another time in the flash portal... guyz, robots or anything that comes to visit my userpage :'(